To them, I am pretty sure that I seem busy all of the time. The fact is that I am busy a lot of the time.



I do work rather long hours at Windsor escorts of, and when I come home from work at the escort agency in Windsor, it is really important for me to be organised. Most escorts in Windsor would probably know what I am talking about when I say that my life is hectic.

Staying super organised certainly helps. One of the things that I have learned is that you do need to have a diary. When I first started to escort, I did not have a diary and it really did not help me at all. Now I have got a diary, I find it a lot easier. I write down all of my shifts, and my personal commitments as well. That seems to work, and I find it easier to stay organised in my personal life and when I am with Windsor escorts. It saves me bags of time.

When I am home, I have learned to organise my life. I have even gone to the extreme of writing it in my diary. It makes me laugh sometimes when I read my diary and come across comments such as do the laundry tonight. However, it does help me a lot, and I know that I need to get it done to make the rest of the week easier for me. I have even bought some special laundry bags which has helped me to organise my laundry as it gets dirty. As soon as I come home from Windsor escorts, I just put the washing machine on, and it is down in 40 minutes.

I did not think that I was going to be this busy working for Windsor escorts, and running what I call the back up services was going to be so demanding. But it it, and I guess that working for an escort agency in Windsor is not so different from doing any other job in Windsor. Working late into the night is one of the thing s that I do find hard work, and it feels like it an upset my entire schedule. But ultimately I guess that it is one those things that you have to get used when you want to be an escort.

Saving time is essential and another thing that I try to do is to stick to local services. I need to know that I can just pop out for food and what I need to keep me going. Some of the other girls at Windsor escorts do a lot of their shopping online but I just find that annoying. You never know when a delivery guy is going to turn up. Sometimes I do click and collect at the local supermarket, but that is about it. I don’t like my life being a mess and the best way I can do that is to try to stay organised and save as much time as possible.

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