Sex is optimally enjoyed when done with the right person and in a conducive environment.


However, some people have different sexual fetishes, but some don’t even notice they do have them. Having a sexual fixation on behaviors and fantasies towards objects may sound strange and weird but it is shared by a couple of people including professional London Escorts. Fetish can become an inconvenience, especially when the victim realizes he/she cannot get sexually aroused without their fetish object around them. According to research carried out by human sexuality experts, some people start experiencing the effect of such fetish early in their life. Here are some of the weirdest sexual fetishes that will make you feel at least normal.

Top 5 weirdest sexual fetishes.

  1. Katopronophilia.

While most of us use mirrors to get the reflection of our physical appearance, some people use them to enhance their sex life. Fetishists under this category use mirrors while masturbating to get total orgies as they observe their body movements as well as enjoying their facial gestures. In most cases, London Escorts from use mirrors to practice different sex styles to use during their professional job. Katopronophiliacs are known to install mirrors in almost every part of their rooms so they can have and enjoy sex at any time.

  1. Ball busting

This is a common fetish to men who are easily aroused by a strike on the groin. However, the act is based on believes that a strike or mild hurt on the testicles will arouse the man. Women who like to do the hurting and get aroused by it can also be classified under this fetish.

  1. Erotic Asphyxiation

This is also a rare and weird fetish that is not common in most people. It basically involves an intentional restriction of oxygen more so to the brain to promote sexual arousal. It can be performed by both partners during sex or alone when masturbating. Through deprivation of oxygen in the body, the fetishists intensifies his/her orgasm as well as sexual satisfaction. However, the practice ought to be carried out with great care to avoid unnecessary accidents.

  1. Necrophilia

This is yet another weird fetish that involves having sex with dead bodies. In some instances, it also involves having sex with non-human dead bodies. However, it is pretty obvious that London Escorts are excluded from this category of fetish since they mostly have sex for money. Others will shoot and kill an animal just to enjoy sex with the carcass which is categorized under zoophilia.


Fetishists under this category normally get sexually aroused or satisfied from feces. Most of them enjoy the sight of seeing other people defecate or closely studying other people’s feces. The weirdest subcategory under coprophilia is the coprophagia which involves sexual satisfaction from eating feces.


In a nut shell, what matters most is enjoyment as well as satisfaction from your best sexual fetish. Regardless of other people’s opinions and thoughts concerning your desire and preference, do not stop too low by being influenced by their thoughts. The list only explains some of the weirdest sexual fetish unknown to most of us.

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