How to take care of your curly hair

If you have curly locks and live in humid climates, you probably get fed up with frizz. Curly hair tends to be drier and more susceptible to the humidity – it just doesn’t soak up the air’s moisture. Here’s how you can start controlling frizz right now says Marylebone Escorts of

  1. Go easy on the shampoo Shampoo tends to strip hair of the natural oils, and you need those to fight frizz. Rather lather up a couple of times a week using a gentle shampoo that does not contain sulfates. Dry shampoo or baby powder will help keep the oil at bay in between washing days.
  2. Start embracing oil treatments and conditioners Your hair is like your skin: you need to keep it well hydrated. Unless you have super-fine hair, you need to be conditioning after every shampoo treatment. Opt for a deep conditioner that will protect the hair’s shaft and coat the hair well to help it soak up the humidity. Leave conditioner on for at least 5 minutes before you rinse it out.
  3. Never towel-dry your hair If you rub your hair dry with a towel, you’re only going to rough up the cuticle which makes it more prone to frizz when it is dry. Rather squeeze your hair dry with a towel or even use super-absorbent paper towels which are the ideal size.
  4. Comb through a silicone serum Once you have correctly towel-dried your hair, comb through a leave-in conditioner or, if you’re planning on using a hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron, use a serum that contains silicone. Be sure to coat each curl properly. A silicone-based serum will make sure the cuticle remains smooth and will offer good protection from humid environments.
  5. Use the right hair dryer It’s worth investing in an ionic hair dryer which will dry your hair a lot quicker and cause less damage to the cuticles. If you’re going to be blow drying your curly locks, use a diffuser which will really get into those curls to dry them off.
  6. Blow dry your hair the right way By not blow drying your hair correctly, you’re adding to the frizz. To do it the right way, hold the dryer under your hair and squeeze the curls in your palm. If you’re not using a diffuser, aim the nozzle of the dryer downwards in the direction that the hair grows.
  7. Go easy on the hairspray, rather try gloss spray A lot of mousses and hairsprays content high alcohol contents and that simply serves to dry out the hair that you’ve just worked hard to protect with serums and conditioners. If you do need to use spray your hair, choose a product with little or no alcohol. Or finish of your hair do by spritzing it with a high gloss spray which you spray into your palm, rub your hands together and palm the hair where the frizz tends to pop up.
  8. Or try a heavy cream To very quickly de-frizz your hair, rub a small amount of hand cream between your palms and smooth over your locks for a frizz-free finish.


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