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Getting good quality sex education in Great Britain can be a complete nightmare these days. I am not sure that we have any good quality sex education at all. The other night I was watching a program on Channel 5 called Sex Pod. I had just come off my shift from London escorts wanted to chill it a bit. Instead of curling up in bed with a good book, I chucked my London escorts lingerie off and sat down in from if the TV. I have to admit that I was shocked at what I saw and heard. There was a guy on the program who did not even know how STD’s were transmitted. He seemed to think that it was perfectly okay to have sex with somebody who did not have any symptoms! Well, if my London escorts would have heard him, I think that they would have been gob smacked. There is no way that a person should be saying that. That is all down to a lack of education. If he came to spend a couple of hours with me at London escorts, I would tell him all about STD’s. Also, on the same program, who seemed to be having a few relationship issues. The lady did not know if she was bisexual or straight. It did not really worry the guy, but it worried her a lot. She felt that she could not let go when she was with him and did not experience such great orgasms. I am not bisexual, but many of the girls at London escorts are bisexual. It is not such a big deal but it is important to recognize and acknowledge that you are bisexual. A couple of the girls at our Escorts in London service have been to a counsellor and that helped a lot. Sex is becoming more and more confusing many people. It is not only young people who misunderstand the various concept of sexuality, but many seniors do as well. I meet them every day at London escorts, and it is probably one of those subjects that we talk about the most at our London escorts service. I think that we should continue to have better sex education all through our lives. There is no reason why your local GP practice could not be used to help with sex education. After all, it is often seniors who pick up STD’s. When I first started to work for London escorts, I never thought that I would be thinking about our addressing issue such as these, but now I know that we are very much out of touch with many things concerning human sexuality. It seems that we have drifted away from the concept of talking about sex. Yes, we watch an awful lot of porn and ready sexy advice in Cosmo, but do we really enjoy sex and practise it safely? If we were not so hung up about sex education in this country, I think that we would all enjoy better sex lives.

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