Ghosts at the Agency – Northolt escorts


I just started working for Northolt escorts agency just for a few weeks now, so that means my boudoir is kind of new to me. That in itself is not a problem, but sometimes I get the sense that somebody else is with me. The other day, I was just coming out of my small kitchen, and I got the feeling that somebody brushed past me. It could have just been a draft, but it certainly felt like somebody walked past me and into the kitchen. It spooked me a bit, and I must admit that I felt a bit strange.

Later on that day, a guy was having a shower, when he suddenly shouted out. I asked him if he was okay, and he said that he thought that somebody had tapped him on the shoulder. When he came out of the shower he was as white as a sheet, and I really thought that he had seen a ghost. He said he very much thought that it had felt like a real hand, and had expected to see me when he turned around. But when he turned around, there was nobody there, and he did say that he thought it was a strange experience.

There is a little cat that comes to the window of my Northolt escorts boudoir. It is rather a tiny little thing and he looks old. He sits there and stares at me. I know that he has somewhere to live, but I do feel sorry for him so I give a bit of tune every so often. It is like he looks through me, and I have the funny feeling that he knows this apartment. Perhaps his owner used to live here, but I don’t know who to ask.

Before I worked in this apartment, another girl from Northolt escorts of used to work here. I spoke to her the other day, and she said that she had noticed a few weird things as well. One night, when she was doing the night shift at Northolt escorts, she had become convinced that there was somebody else in the apartment with her. The guy who was there at the time, said that he had experienced being watched as well on a previous visit. But, this time the feeling was really intense. Together we went through the entire apartment but could not find anything at all.

It is kind of weird all of this, and if it continues, I think that I will look for a new boudoir. I don’t exactly believe in ghosts, but it is not only me experiencing things. Lots of other people are as well. Even my boss at Northolt escorts says that the apartment feels a bit strange late at night. Perhaps somebody is trying to tell me something or the cat is trying to tell me something. Last night when I opened the window he curled up in my arms. Maybe I should take him home with me. It is all very strange but I also have the feeling that I don’t have anything to be frighten of.

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