What is underneath your burka?

Should we ban the Burka? The sight of women walking down a British high street wearing a burka is becoming more common. The other day I was shopping in Tesco when two ladies walked in wearing Burkas. I think that I was the only lady in the store who looked at them, nobody else raised an eyelid at all. I am not sure that it is right and it is not like the Burka is part of a traditional dress here in the UK. It is all a bit odd to me.

Like I said to my friends at charlotteaction.org London escorts, you really have to wonder who is underneath that Burka. It could be a man for all that I know. We are all really worried about terrorism but yet we are allowing women to walk around in what can only be called a disguise. Sure a man can put on a little but if mascara and you could easily mistake him for a woman under that Burka. We live in such troubled times that we need to be on the look out for things like this. To me, it is kind of scary.

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I don’t have a problem with ladies wishing to hide their ankles and hair, but I do think that it is a bit odd wanting to hide the rest of your body as well. A Muslim friend of mine says that there is not mentioning of the Burka in the Koran, so why do ladies where it? Not even my Muslim friend can understand that. I have spoken to the other girls here about and they don’t worry about it too much. Personally I think that many ladies dressed up in normal Muslim dress are very pretty but I don’t like it when they take it extremes.

London is certainly very multi cultural and many of the gents that I meet at London escorts come from all over the world. That is not a problem for me at all and I like to meet people from different cultures. What I don’t like is having different cultures imposed on me and I think that some people in London do that today. I love the diversity of London but I also think that some people take it to extremes and abuse it. We should never do that.

In the future, I think that we will see more people dressed differently in London but I do think that we should do something about the Burka. There is no way that girls at London escorts would get away with wearing a Burka. I know that many of the ladies wear something different underneath and just take the Burk off as soon as they come home. But what I don’t understand is why they need to go to the extreme to wear the Burka in the first place. If they are happy to wear jeans and a long sleeved blouse underneath the Burka, why not wear it in the first place. It is all very odd to me and I am not sure that I will ever get used to it.

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