My naughty afternoon with my former boyfriend

I used to date this really nice guy just after college, and recently I have been thinking about him a lot. Last week, he turned up out of the blue and we ended up spending a naughty afternoon in a London hotel. It is not normally the sort of thing that I would do with an ex boyfriend but for some reason he massively turned me on. Laying in bed together, I realized that we had a lot of things in common, and like I said to my friends at Gatwick escorts, it was a bit like realizing that you may want to spend more time with somebody.

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At the moment I have not told my ex that I work for Gatwick escorts but I think that I will do so. We are going to be seeing each other again, and I am not embarrassed to say that I work for an escorts service at all. I know that some of the girls at the agency do not want to tell their friends, but it does not really worry me. My ex boyfriend will probably be cool about, and I am not so sure that he will take our new relationship that seriously.

I was surprised how pleased I was to see him again, and I had in many ways forgotten about the many things that we have in common. We grew up in the same town, and I think that it helped a lot. It was just so nice to be able to talk about something than Gatwick escorts and realize that there is more to life than dating. My ex has his own company in the IT business and it does sound like he is doing really well. He had changed a lot, and I soon realized that I had changed a lot as well.

When I was younger I used to think that we all stayed the same all of the time but now I do appreciate that we change a heck of a lot. The dreams that I have to day are so much different from the dreams that I had a few years ago. Now I take my life a lot more seriously and I do appreciate that you need to work for your money. As a matter of fact, I work rather hard here at Gatwick escorts, and I feel that I am going to do well for myself.

A lot of the new girls joining Gatwick escorts have a different outlook. It is just a bit of fun for them, and they do not take escorting that seriously. To do well you have to take it seriously, and perhaps balance your life a bit differently. I am glad that I realized that early on and worked hard. Yes, I might be making some personal sacrifices at the moment, but if I have a few more naughty afternoons with my ex boyfriend, I could so be feeling a lot better about myself. Maybe we should all have more naughty afternoons in our lives…

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